Plan comparison

We believe that consumers should have easy access to their medical records. Our goal is to enable as many features as possible in the Free tier while offering additional services for users find value in our Premium plan.

If you like the premium features, just add a credit card or apply a coupon to enable added features. Otherwise, you can still enjoy the free tier.

As we add new features, please check in to see if any new premium features are of interest to you. You can always upgrade and downgrade your plan to use the right plan level for you.

Please see below for the current listing of features in each plan level.

Free Premium
Price Free forever $15 / month or $149 / year
Patient Portals  Many Connections  Many Connections
Medical Claim History  1 Year  Multiple Years
Rx Claim History  1 Year  Multiple Years
Faxed Medical Records  Not included  We send and receive
Health Insurance Eligibility  Monthly Updates  Daily Updates
Health Goals  Included  Included
Event Tracking  Included  Included
Support  Included  Included

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